Monday, January 24, 2011

Marketing Job

I was just brought on to, we compare textbook prices online.  It is an interesting setup, we don't sell a thing, instead we provide a search engine that compares over 20 online retailers of textbooks, or any books, and shows the cheapest price for new, user or renting the book.  As it is a small, three man now, operation I am in charge of all marketing, advertising and public relations.  This is going to be great, I can team up good traditional marketing and advertising, social media advertising and guerrilla marketing to create a solid IMC plan to help propel us forward. 

I have been doing a lot of research on search engine optimisation, it is interesting how google checks for organic links, and how it will blacklist websites if they seem to be getting links or attention to fast.  Also how much is written about SEO for google and how little is written for other search engines like Bing or yahoo's search.  I understand that google is such a huge part of the search engine market, but to ignore the others which make up almost 25% according to Sure Google's 71% market share is big, but to ignore the rest is just a bad business plan.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Marketing, Beer and Traveling

When I got to Fort Huachuca, my first duty station in the U.S. Army, when I was introduced to my new boss who was a soon to be retiring colonial, he asked me who I was.  I responded with "PFC Hutchinson Sir." He then told me he knew my name he wanted to know who I was, what I was passonate about.  I often think about this as I reach different stages of my life, my answer as I get ready to graduate from Kent State University is Marketing, Beer and Traveling.

Marketing is first, after spending the past two years learning what I can about it in school, my appitite for it is only wetted. KSU's Managerial Marketing program includes two client projects, where teams compete doing work for a client, and can then see how it works or does not.  Unfortunatly the client I worked on was all but defunct when the project started. Before we could present them with our findings and recomendations all that was left was an unsupported website.  While it was a blow to not see anything implimented, the mear act of working on it only added to my desire to see what I could do.

Beer, my second passion is a simple one, I greatly enjoy the taste of good beer and how certian beers compliment meals.  Living in a college town I can get some good beers when I go out, but Ohio's draconian alcohol laws prevent me from obtaining many beers including my favorite (Dog Fish Head 120 minute IPA).  My friends half joking and the rest serious call me a beer snob, but whenever I offer them a distractions from the horrid swill they drink, they never turn me down.  I am not sure who first said it, but "life is to short to waste on bad beer and mean women."

Traveling became a part of my life when in 2006 I received orders to report to 1/72d Armor, Camp Casey South Korea.  When I first joined the Army, I had left Ohio 5 times between age 5 and 19, when I completed my 4 years in 2008 I had visited four continents, met some amazing people and seen wonders that my mid-west upbringing could never have prepared me for.  I left the Army because I promised myself that I would go to college, every day my wandlust grows a bit more now.

These are my passions, and they are what I will continue to write, and tweet about, feel free to follow me @MichaelKHutch on twitter.