Wednesday, February 2, 2011

IMC, Television to Social Media

I tweeted about this article from AdAge earlier today, but it is worth mentioning with over 200 characters.  The article talks about only super bowl ads and how companies are using them to create buzz for their brand on various social media outlets.  It is a pretty solid idea to help get more value from those multi-million dollar super bowl ads to attach a social media campaign and allow for increased awareness to be generated.  I am looking forward to see how the different aspects play out, from Audi's adding an #Audi at the end to encourage twitter traffic, to Budweiser's pre-super bowl commercials and Facebook fan page to allow people to talk about the theme/plot of the ad.  This will be an interesting time on social media to see how well people respond to campaigns made on other media directing them to social media as a continuation. 

On Budweiser's Facebook page (which I am not a fan of, such a poor excuse for beer, I digress) they have created the ability to use it to invite friends to a party you are having, by doing this through their page, you become a fan and let everyone in the friend circle know that you are a fan of Budweiser.  It is a great idea, and there is also a decent amount of chatter on the page about the upcoming super bowl ad.  So far Budweiser has used social media to generate a large amount of buzz to aid its ad's message during the super bowl, but I will have to wait until after the big game before I can make a final call on how effective they were.  While this year I would like to pretend the super bowl was not happening, it should have been Bears v. Jets, as I grew up around Cleveland any can guess my disposition toward the Steelers, I will be watching it solely for the ads and then watching how social media and the online community respond.

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